Pastor's Corner

Pastor Ron & Linda Brown 

This is a most exciting time in humankind history to be alive. I do believe that the soon return of JESUS is very close. What a privilege it is to experience the Prsence of the Lord in our services and fellowship gatherings. I really think that God is going to give us some of the most precious times ever. We really need to find out what God is up to and get involved. I also believe that September & October will bring some real changes in the history of the United States. Spend much time in prayer and in The Word of God!  We also want to be much in prayer for our School system in the Seymour area. Pray for the Administrators, teachers, school board, all staff and particularly our children and youth! We trust this will be a super year in our education system.  Join us Sunday for Sunday School at 9:00AM and our Worship Hour at 10:00AM.  Share Jesus with everyone you can this week! God Bless! - Pastor Ron